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We have 18 years industry experience obtained via thousands of successfully completed projects that are still working today.


Based on the turnover of top 100 manufacturers, cable is more than $177billion pa global industry and it is changing.

Growth in distributed generation, smart and autonomous technologies is creating opportunities and challenges for every industry. No sustainability means no growth for many businesses.

VENTUS have over 2GW of hands on experience in large scale solar, battery storage and a strong commitment towards a digital future driven by sustainability. We find our competence from having developed, produced and sold cables and accessories to over 3000 end users in a diverse range of applications including Defence, Aerospace, Railway, Nuclear, Industrial process automation, Construction, Highways, Waterways, Food and Beverage, Music, Film, Theater, Sports and Scientific Research industries.

You can rely on us to engineer, procure, install and monitor your cable assets and microgrids. 

By selecting us as your partner, you can:

# Receive application specific tech support.

# Access our global network of suppliers and our experience.

# Engineer application centric solutions focused on energy efficiency.

​# Have full traceability on warranty matters.

# Buy genuine and bankable products.

# Depend on excellent after sales service.

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