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We understand that cables carry 100% of your investment which means

no compromises can be made on quality.


BETAflam Solar cables made using BETA ray irradiation electron Beam Cross-linking machines where electrons are accelerated through the cable compound at 10 million volts physically forming a 3 dimensional bond within the cable insulation polymers. The result is a cable that can no longer melt or flow even when the temperature range is exceeded. The higher thermal rating improve safety in domestic installations and achieve greater efficiency on large scale projects with a max short circuit rating of +280°C and conductor temperature at +125°C within +90°C ambient environments that can result under direct Sun or behind PV Panels during shading.


BETAflam Solar Cables 2014 Catalogue



  • Electron-beam cross-linked compounds

  • UV, ozone and hydrolysis resistant

  • High temperature resistant

  • Does do not melt or flow

  • Very long life cycle

  • Compatible to all popular connectors

  • Flexible and space-saving installation

Designed for 30 year service life

 Applications covered

  1. DC String Module Connection

  2. PV Combiner to Inverter

  3. Medium Voltage connection up to 45kV

  4. Junction Boxes

  5. Cables for Micro Inverters

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