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BETAlux® 5 kV Cable

Halogen free feeder cable for interconnecting the transformers and the current regulator of airfield lighting systems in series circuits. Suitable for drawing into conduits and laying in trenches. For fixed applications such as taxiways, runways, touchdown zones land and hold short lighting systems, under normal operational conditions of mechanical stress and climate

Electrical shock protection: Safety

Operating at circuit voltages of > 2000 V only screened cable jacket can be touched without risk or shock hazard.

Reduced risk of airfied lighting failure: Increased air traffic safety

In shielded cables the conductor is encircled by a consistent, controlled electrical field (Fig. 3).

No uncontrolled electrical field

Non-shielded cables without an internal semiconductor result in uneven voltage stresses by the insulation layer (Fig. 1).

Reduced insulation aging

Shielded cables for medium voltage technology are produced so as to be free of partial discharge and therefore avoid accelerated electrical aging resulting from excess field concentrations.

No blow out light

Shielding cables eliminate blow out light to ground potential. This results in an electrical discharge and breakdown and finally damages insulation and outer sheath (Fig. 1 + 2)

Reduced radio interference

Shielding reduces RF signals emitted by the cables. Most CCRs (constantcurrent regulator) generate radio frequencies, particularly when they operate at reduced load (e.g. at night).

Reduced fire hazard
The shielding avoids blow out lights and therefore reduces the risk of a cable with damaged jacket which can generate fire hazard.

Fig. 1:

Non-shielded cables without semiconductor

Fig. 2:

Non-shielded cables with semiconductor

Fig. 3:

Shielded cables with semiconductor

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